About Geneva Ski Storage

No longer an exclusive service for members of the Ski Club of GB – we`re open to everyone!

The money-saving and convenient way to travel this winter!

Forget Expensive airline charges and the hassle of flying with your gear. Forget extortionate rental fees. Leave your Skis, Bags and Boards with us and our expert team in GVA, and we’ll be waiting for you on arrival at Geneva airport time and time again. Cleaned, serviced, ready to go, all starting from as little as £74 a year! We’re matching Easyjet’s luggage charges for 2019/20, so now there really is no excuse to pay luggage charges time and time again.

Flying elsewhere? We`re now covering Zurich Airport, so if you`re planning multiple trips to different destinations we can make your travels or the more easier.

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How much does it cost?

For one full year’s subscription it’s a simple one off price of £74 for Ski / Board Storage, and £99 for Skis and Boots.
After that, every time you fly to GVA we charge an additional £14.99 to have one of our reps waiting at GVA on your arrival and departure. Thats a saving of over 80% on luggage charges. Even better, on departure we’ll clean and dry and store all of your gear ready for your next trip.

What do I get for my money?

For your yearly subscription of £74 we’ll collect your ski’s from you in Geneva airport and store them in our local Geneva depot. Every time you want to fly out simply notify us online, and pay the handling charge of £14.99 and we’ll be waiting for you on arrival and on your departure. Thats a saving of 80% each time you fly! Whether you’re skiing twice in the season, or every weekend, simply notify us online of your trip and we’ll have your ski’s waiting in the arrivals hall every time.

How does it work?

Watch our video on our home screen. If that’s not clear, our marketing guys haven’t done their job properly. Any other questions, feel free to drop us an email!

Where can I find my skis on arriving at the airport?

Once you’ve collected any additional baggage, come through the sliding doors into the arrivals hall. Our rep will be waiting to the right, next to the bureau de change office. Please note, it can get VERY busy on weekends, so keep an eye out. You can’t miss us, our rep will be in uniform, with a sign….and if that’s not a big enough clue, we’ll have our portable ski locker full of skis. If you’re still struggling then call us!

What happens to my equipment?

When you leave your skis with us at GVA, we take them to our high security storage unit close to Geneva Airport. With state of the art drying facilities, we give your kit a clean every time it arrives to us, and pack it away safely until you next need it.

How do I get my skis/board to Geneva Ski Storage?

Two very simple ways: 1) Fly out for your first trip of the season and leave them with us at GVA before checking in for your return flight. 2) Simply have them couriered to our storage depot in Geneva. Log into your profile and follow the simple steps.

How do I get my skis/board back?

Want to sell your skis? Ski elsewhere? Miss them and what them mounted on your wall? No problem, just login to your profile and notify us of your plans. We’ll have them couriered back to you in no time.

What if I want to fly to another airport?

For the 2017/18 season we will ONLY be operating from Geneva airport. Login to your profile, and notify us that you want your ski’s returned. We’ll have them couriered back to your home address for a small charge. We will however be rolling out a new service allowing you to transfer your skis between alternative airports later in the year!

How do I notify Geneva Ski Storage of a trip?

It’s simple. Log into your profile page. Click ‘Add New Trip’ and follow the instructions. We only need your flight date, time, and carrier number. Done. It literally takes seconds.

What if my plane is late?

Not to worry, we’re at the airport all day. If for some reason our staff need to go back to the Ski Storage depot we’ll be following your flight and ready and waiting on it’s arrival. If for any reason you’ve had to re-book on a new flight PLEASE login in an announce a new arrival so we know to expect you.

What if i’m early?

We always recommend you double check your flight itinerary to make sure it’s correct. We store all the days ski’s ready for exchange at the airport, so if you flight is early (it does happen!) we’ll be waiting with your skis. Our system is linked to live flight data so we’ll be tracking your flight.

What if i change my flight?

Please login in and let us know! This does happen from time to time, so please announce a new trip on your profile so we know to look out for you at the airport.

What happens if I arrive and you don’t have my skis / board?

Relax. We’ve spent a lot of time and money developing our online system and storage facility. If in the (incredibly unlikely) event your ski’s aren’t waiting for you in the arrivals, we’ll courier them to your resort at no extra cost.

Can you service my skis / board?

YES! What better way to go on a winter holiday and have your skis or board waiting and serviced ready for your to use! Simply follow the instructions on your profile page, and we’ll have them waxed and ready for your arrival.

Where do I find you in GVA to return my equipment?

We’ll be in exactly the same place as you found us in arrivals. Don’t worry, it’s not far away. Simply go down the escalator in the departures hall and you’ll find us. You can check your profile page for a map.

I want to cancel my account mid way through the year?

No problem. Sad times if so, but we’re an understanding bunch. We’ll close your account, and prep your skis ready to be returned. You will either need to collect your skis (and announce a trip) or log into your profile and follow the procedure to have them returned.

I don’t want to renew my membership next year, what happens?

The same procedure as cancelling your membership. Should this be the case, A) we’ll be very upset, but B) we’ll of course endeavour to help out. Please note fees are not returnable as outlined in our Ts&Cs.

Do you offer discounts for Family Ski Storage?

Yes, we do! Our current system isn’t designed for families (we’re looking to expand its functionality), but if you contact us directly we have seasonal offers available, including FREE storage for kids skis. Drop us an email at info@genevaskistorage.com for more information.


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