1. Definitions and Interpretation

GSS Geneva Ski Storage (a sub-division of The Ski Fleet SARL)

Equipment refers to any Skis, Snowboards, Ski Poles, Ski Boots, Snowboard boots

GVA Geneva Airport

You the consumer

Resort the address and location in which you will be staying

2. Information About Us

GSS is responsible for the collection, storage, cleaning, servicing and delivering of Ski equipment to those travelling in and out of the port of Geneva.

3. The Contract

Acceptance of these terms and conditions and subsequent payment binds you into an agreement with GSS for the use of the service for 1 whole year.

5. Price and Payment

Yearly storage is charged at 74GBP. Prices are subject to market changes, and can change yearly. Prices will not change mid-way through a year’s subscription to the storage service. Any increase or reduction in price will be indicated in writing 1 month prior to re-subscription. We do not store credit or debit card details on our systems; therefore a manual payment is required in order to continue the service. Additional services provided by GSS are subject to additional fees that may vary depending on market conditions.

6. Providing the Services

GSS is responsible for collecting and distributing equipment from GVA either in person or through the use of digital lockers. GSS is also responsible for the cleaning, drying, storing and servicing of all equipment in our storage facility. In the unlikely event that a GSS representative is not available upon arrival, you are required to call our 24hr contact number. If your skis are not immediately available GSS will endeavour to deliver your equipment to your accommodation address in-resort in order to avoid missed airport transfers.

Upon arriving at GVA, a GSS representative will be available within the airport. A representative will be within 20minutes of the airport at any given time. In order to operate efficiently, GSS requires all travel entries to be entered correctly onto the online profile. GSS will not hold be held responsible for any unannounced arrivals and collections or as a result of incorrect information, but will endeavour to meet consumer demands on an individual basis. Should GSS be unable to retrieve, or collect equipment due to an unannounced arrival or departure, GSS reserves the right to charge for additional carriage to resort.

7. Problems with the Services
 and Your Legal Rights

If for any reason the service provided is not as stated in the terms and conditions and service falls short of standards, we urge you to contact our team for advice.

8. Our Liability

GSS is responsible for all equipment when it is in possession in Geneva or with one of our third party companies (servicing). All equipment is insured for damage and theft. GSS is not responsible for any damage that may occur when equipment is checked out to you, the customer.

9. Events Outside of Our Control (Force Majeure)

GSS accepts no responsibility for delivering or collecting equipment in the unlikely event of a force majeure. Road closures, airport closures or flight diversions due to extreme weather are a possibility, and in these cases we recommend you contact our team so that we can arrange an alternative delivery or collection method. You the client are responsible for leaving your equipment at GVA.

10. Termination of Service

Termination of the service can be made at any point, but fees are non refundable. Should you decide not to continue using the service at the end of the yearly period, or wish to terminate the service at any point, GSS will need to be notified in writing. Equipment can be collected free of charge, but returns via third party carrier will be charged in line with our returns policy.

11. Communication and Contact Details

Should you wish to contact GSS, notifications can be sent via the online profile page, via email, or via phone. GSS endeavours to respond to all written communication within 24hrs.

12. Complaints and Feedback

Should you have any feedback or complaints, these can be sent via email to info@genevaskistorage.com

13. How We Use Your Personal Information (Data Protection)

Personal details are stored on our systems for the benefit of consumers, and our service in line with our ‘privacy policy’. We do not hold any credit or debit card details on our databases. Data will not be passed onto any 3rd parties.

15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any disputes and claims will be dealt with in the jurisdiction of Switzerland only. Issues arising in any other area or country in which GSS operates will also only be dealt with in line with Swiss Law.